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The personal data that you provide voluntarily while browsing and its mobile phone application (hereinafter, "invitaenunclic"), particularly at the time of registration, as well as during the use of invitaenunclic and at the time of purchasing the service, will be incorporated, as appropriate, into the INVITAENUNCLIC client file and shall only be processed within the limits set forth in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and Prices of invitaenunclic

General Principles

INVITAENUNCLIC is committed to respecting users’ privacy in accordance with data protection rules. In particular, the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data and its rules of implementation. This Privacy Policy explains how we process (in particular, how we collect, use and protect) information, personal data and non-personal data and the invitaenunclic address book with your contacts.

Before you accept the terms and conditions of INVITAENUNCLIC we invite you to read the sections below and understand for what purposes we use your personal information. By using invitaenunclic, particularly at the time of your registration and at the time of purchasing the Service, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and Prices of invitaenunclic. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this service and in particular do not include any personal data, whether your own or that of third parties, in INVITAENUNCLIC

We collect information at different times and in different ways, as described in the following sections.

Personal Information

Personal information is that which can be used to identify a specific person or to contact that person.

Our privacy policy is based on four fundamental principles:

  • We do not store information about individual users, except for information freely provided by you or third parties on the basis of your or their informed consent, such as your name and address, date of birth, country, phone number, address and e-email and other data collected at the time of registration or through surveys, or the third party that you provide us in accordance with current legislation to include in your invitaenunclic address book and, in particular, the information you provide us and we exchange with the payment gateway and other financial institutions at the time of purchase of the Service.
  • We monitor invitaenunclic general trends of use via IP addresses and the mobile network by which the service is accessed, but not the individual user navigation associated with it. We do not sell or distribute the information we get from your visit to invitaenunclic.
  • We will only use the personal information you choose to communicate at the time of its collection for the purposes specified or implied in the corresponding forms for data collection, according to the terms and conditions of invitaenunclic, and according to the preferences you indicate to us.

INVITAENUNCLIC takes all necessary measures to ensure the continued security and confidentiality of all data under its custody.

Registering for Services as a Registered User

To access certain services it will be necessary to register as a registered user of invitaenunclic and give a number of guarantees regarding the legitimacy of the data of your contacts. The information you provide to complete the form is done so freely and voluntarily by you, in such a way that the information is true and adjusted to reality.

You agree to make diligent use and to not make available to third parties your user name and password, as well as to inform INVITAENUNCLIC, without delay of any loss, theft or any risk of access to them by a third party.

While browsing invitaenunclic, and particularly at the time of signing up as a registered user of invitaenunclic and while using invitaenunclic and at the time of purchasing the invitaenunclic Service, you consent to your personal data and / or any other information you voluntarily provide, as well as that of third parties provided by you, to being processed in an automated or manual way and in strict compliance with what is described in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and Prices of invitaenunclic.

About Your Personal Information

You accept that your personal information that INVITAENUNCLIC collects from you in the different invitaenunclic data collection forms and pages may be used by INVITAENUNCLIC to monitor the contractual relationship you have with INVITAENUNCLIC, including the sending of invitations you decide to send to the recipients of your address book in invitaenunclic and for the payment management of Service payments under the Terms of Use and Prices of invitaenunclic. In addition, you accept that invitaenunclic can keep you informed about updates to invitaenunclic, and can improve the invitations, services, content and advertising of invitaenunclic. Thus, if you do not want to join the invitaenunclic mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by updating your preferences.

INVITAENUNCLIC will need to give some of your personal data to third parties that manage your payments for our service (for example, payment gateways, managers of credit cards, financial institutions, etc., which in some cases can process data from territories with an equivalent to the Spanish legislation on data protection) and without prejudice to the personal data that, at the time of payment, you can directly and voluntarily provide to such third parties (ie., apart from the data which you provide INVITAENUNCLIC by the corresponding secure channels). In order to ensure that the data you give within a secure environment (as much to us as to the payment gateways or financial institutions by which the payment is channelled), it is recommended that you verify the URL address visible in properties (by pressing the right mouse button). The URL address should begin with "https" where the "s" indicates that the contents are being offered by a secure server. Also, the URL of the browser by which the information is sent will indicate to whom the information is being transmitted.

Also, INVITAENUNCLIC will communicate your personal data that is essential and required by tax authorities (for tax purposes - VAT), by banks (for the corresponding payments), by the Public Prosecutor (in relation to any criminal investigation) or by any other competent authorities provided that such communication is imposed on INVITAENUNCLIC by applicable Spanish law.

Finally, INVITAENUNCLIC may make your information available to any company interested in buying or that buys invitaenunclic or part of its business and, therefore, may give access to any national or international auditors to conduct their "due diligence" as well as those data storage companies that can store data for invitaenunclic Service on remote cloud servers (ie., in a "cloud"), even when they are in areas without an equivalent to the Spanish legislation on data protection.

You acknowledge that upon providing us with your information you agree that we will process it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Collection and Processing of Non-Personal Information

INVITAENUNCLIC also collects non-personal data - data in a format that prevents it from being directly associated with a specific person. INVITAENUNCLIC can collect, process, transfer and disclose non-personal data for any purpose. Here are some examples of the categories of non-personal information that INVITAENUNCLIC may collect by means of invitaenunclic and the purposes for which we may process it:

  • INVITAENUNCLIC may collect data such as language, zip code, area code, location and time zone in which an invitaenunclic product is used to better understand the behaviour of customers of INVITAENUNCLIC and improve invitaenunclic products, services and advertisements.
  • If we combine non-personal information with personal data, the combined data will be treated as personal data while the two remain combined.

Concerning the personal data of the people to whom you send your invitations: the invitaenunclic Address Book - Agenda

Invitaenunclic lets you have an address book to store your guest lists, both personal and professional. You must be a registered user of invitaenunclic to access and use this service. This information is currently stored on the servers of Ilimit Communications, Volta 1, 5e, 08224 Terrassa (Spain), which has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of your address book and avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether from human action or the physical or natural environment. However, you also agree that INVITAENUNCLIC can store this data with another third party responsible for its processing, even in the cloud ("cloud") included in a string of remote data storage ("hosting") servers that are in territories without an equivalent standard to the Spanish legislation on data protection and which INVITAENUNCLIC may subcontract for the purposes detailed in this section.

For the purposes of processing the data of people that you upload to your invitaenunclic address book in order to send your invitations, according to the provisions in Article 12 of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, INVITAENUNCLIC acts as a mere processor of the information and data of the contacts you choose to incorporate and agrees to:

  • process personal data only according to the instructions from you and therefore limited to the specifications of the Service itself;
  • not apply or use the data for a purpose other than that indicated in the same conditions of service;
  • not communicate the data to any third party without the prior express consent of the service user; and
  • implement basic security measures.

Therefore, you are solely responsible for the file generated as a result of the contact details you incorporate into it, and thus you agree to inform and obtain the consent of the concerned persons you incorporate into your address book about the processing you will carry out of their personal data in invitaenunclic (should it be the case, you will get their permission to be able to send them your marketing communications) in order to send invitations, and you must also be the one to register the file with the Spanish Privacy Agency when the purpose of this file is that of data processing outside the home, and to fulfil the rest of the provisions of the rules of protection that concern you in your role of being responsible for data processing and the file.

Also, you must ensure the updating of the information of your contacts, offer them the possibility of exercising ARCO rights and inform them and seek their consent over the fact that their personal data may be stored in a chain of servers in the cloud ("cloud") even in a remote way in areas that may not have an equivalent to the Spanish legislation on data protection.

Definitively, you agree to fully assume any liability that may arise from a failure to comply to all and anything that is stated in this section that is applicable to you as processor of the information of your contacts in your address book and of that information which appears upon sending your invitations, holding INVITAENUNCLIC be not liable for any damages that a failure of yours could cause to INVITAENUNCLIC

Access to Personal Information

You can help us ensure that your contact information and preferences, as well as that of the contacts you have in your address book, are correct, complete and remain updated at all times by accessing your invitaenunclic account.

Access to Your Information

You can write to INVITAENUNCLIC when you want to exercise your ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition), ie., to obtain details about the personal information that INVITAENUNCLIC has on you at that time, to ask us to correct that information in case it is incorrect, or to delete it should keeping it not be required by law or for legitimate business purposes; always attaching a photocopy of your official ID with your request. Please write to: (Reference: Data Protection)

We will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing you information about the personal information we have about you.

Security Backup

INVITAENUNCLIC has implemented basic security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under its control. This includes personal information like invitaenunclic address books. However, the Service does not include a backup, so you prudently agree to keep a backup of all your data, your address book and sending of invitations without INVITAENUNCLIC being obliged to do so.

Updating the Privacy Policy

INVITAENUNCLIC reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy at any time. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will keep you informed, without prejudice to our posting a notice on invitaenunclic along with the updated Privacy Policy.


All information and documentation available in the English version of invitaenunclic is provided for informational purposes only. In case of discrepancy between the contents of the English version and the original Spanish version, the latter version shall prevail.

Special Status

Certain provisions of this Privacy Policy and other terms and conditions of the Service may be subject to expressly designated legal notices or to terms located on particular invitaenunclic sites.

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